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Craig Revell


The 20Twenty Dream

The search for the next big thing in sports hasn’t changed since 776BC, today the goal is to replicate the success of Cricket’s T20 formula, 2-3 hours of high level competition that can be packaged as entertainment as much as a sporting contest. Following Cricket’s lead has been Squash, Tennis, and Golf who have all launched short forms of the game. Supercars has worked over the past 10 years to find the perfect format, Townville for example, started life as a 2 x 200km races, but was extended to replicateRead More

Getting Closer

DJR Team Penske (DJRTP) last weekend took some big steps towards the front of the field. The team which was shocked when their high profile driver Marcos Ambrose stepped aside to allow young driver Scott Pye to determine if the car or driver that was the reason for the team’s lack of speed at the start to the season.   Last weekend at Winton, DJRTP started to show top 10 pace, Scott Pye told Supercar Magazine, that he believe they are now on the right track, “Saturday, I felt likeRead More

A World View

Shane VanGisbergen this weekend is at Silverstone to run in the McLaren for Von Ryan Racing at the 2nd round of the BlancPain Endurance Series. His chief Engineer in V8 Supercars Dr Geoff Slater took the opportunity to go travel to Monza with Shane in his first run in the GT 3 category and shared his thoughts with Supercar Magazine, “Its fantastic it’s totally different to what we run.”   Slater enjoyed the opportunity to experience the differences between the two series, “V8 SuperCars is a very tailored sport comparedRead More

Moving up?

Cameron Waters currently leads the Dunlop Series and has been announced as the co-driver for Chaz Mostert in the Pepsi Max Falcon. Waters has said all year that this is the time for him to show that he is ready to take the next step, and Prodrive Racing Australia (PRA) has not let him down, with a car on the pace, and the young driver over the past two race weekend not putting a foot wrong. Waters told Supercar Magazine that he has been ticking all the boxes on whatRead More

The Last Club Day

Winton Motor Raceway this weekend is celebrating 30 years since it first ran an Australian Touring Car event. Perhaps the celebration should be that the track is the last of the independently Club promoted V8 Supercar Events on the Calendar. The Barbagello , Phillip Island, Queensland Raceway, Sydney Motor Sport Park events are promoted and run by V8 Supercars. The regional Victorian track has had its shares of ups and downs with the peek motor sport series in the Country, dropped from the Calendar in 1996 & 2005, it hasRead More

Managing by Press Conference

It has been said by some in the V8 SuperCar Paddock that the media is driving the sport, more particularly News Ltd, following V8SC’s decision this week to allocate teams a new set of Dunlop Control  Tyres for Friday practice for the rest of the season.  This response was hastened by drivers on Friday in Perth complaining at the press conference that their results were irrelevant due to teams unwilling to use race tyres for the long practice sessions. Some felt that due to Fox Sports commitment to show FridayRead More

The Exodus

Supercar Magazine has learnt that the Dunlop Series is at risk of losing a significant number of competitors in 2016 due to V8 Supercar’s decision to allow the New Generation Car to enter a year earlier than scheduled; this will result in mixed grids of both types of cars. Sources close to entrants are concerned that running the new generation car with the current Dunlop Series cars will see the series fragmented, provide an uneven playing field and potentially increase the cost to participate. A number of teams are alreadyRead More

It’s not when, it’s how many

2015 is the start of a new media dynamic for V8 Supercars (V8SC). A lot has been written on the Foxtel/TEN deal, and following the raw data this week, many have reported that the numbers were significantly lower than 2014. Unfortunately, most are still looking at the 2015 figures through 2014 eyes and not measuring the new deal accordingly. There are a number of reasons V8SC are not in a panic about the regularly reported downturn of viewership. Most simply, because year to date it is not down. Why isRead More

A Healthy Landscape

From an advertiser’s perspective, such as Red Bull, Castrol or Supercheap Autos, you want people to see your product, remember and identify with it. Your goal is to have an association that ties your product to the delivery channel, in the hope that the delivery channel is something that will help your product remain front of mind when you next go to purchase a product or service. While both Social and Traditional Media has been quick to condemn the new media deal. Repucom, has just provided V8 Supercars with theRead More

Beat you to the first turn.

Last week, Supercar Magazine investigated the lack of regulation in Motor Sport gambling, as compared to the Racing Industry. This week, Supercar Magazine has learnt that two V8 Supercar Drivers received a call from V8 Supercars, for what was deemed a minor breach of the Commercial Rules in relation to Gambling. The two drivers placed a wager with each other on who would be in front at the end of lap 1 in Race 9 of the championship. While this would be considered by most as a trivial incident, itRead More