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November, 2014


Flogging the dead horse (Pony). – Opinion

Have you ever been told to do a job or participate in an event that you don’t really want to do? How did that work out for you? I imagine at the moment, this is what is happening in the CEO’s Office at Ford Australia. They are being told that they have to be in the sport, even though they have shown little to no interest in V8 Supercars for the past 5 years. They have not actively participated in celebrating the now, two Bathurst victories, and the fans areRead More

Kiwi Fued

Scott McLaughlin has had a few incidents this year with fellow New Zealander Shane Van Gisbergen, is it now starting to wear out the patience of the Volvo Driver? Scott McLaughlin was measured in his comments about SVG following the Gold Coast, “He is pretty desperate to be honest, I think there is a few things he is doing out there are full on.” Van Gisbergen was given a drive through penalty in the Sunday race on the Gold Coast up until that time, Mclaughlin and ‘The Giz’ had beenRead More