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April, 2015


The Real Heroes

We often hear commentators and journalists report that Driver X had an heroic victory, Driver Y was brave /courageous/fearless to make that move, Driver Z sacrificed to achieve his goal/result, or Driver A has a fantastic rivalry with Driver B. These terms are thrown around so loosely that it devalues their meaning, and desensitises everyone to their importance. V8 Supercar Series champions Craig Lowndes, Jamie Whincup and James Courtney have had these terms used to describe their actions on the race track, others have talked about their battles with competitorsRead More


Chaz Mostert has been able in a short period of time to drive and win a number of different Main Game V8 Supercars, Supercar Magazine asked him about how he had to adapt when moving from Dick Johnson Racing to Prodrive Racing Australia, “Yeah, not too much really change from the FG at Dick Johnson racing to the FG Prodrive racing Australia it was pretty simple, but I had a lot more things that I could change,so setup wise and that really gave me the foot up.” Another change forRead More

Is it money that matters?

Steven Johnson has had a few years now to look at Motor Sport in Australia from outside of the cockpit of a V8 Supercars, and Supercar Magazine spoke to him about where the country currently stands at providing real opportunities for race drivers to show how good they are without money, equipment or the people around them engineering the car affecting the outcome. “Yea it’s a good question,” Johnson replied, “I am a firm believer that no matter what you have got, that you are making operate either a vehicleRead More

The Mental Game

Will Davison in Tassie, said of James Courtney, following their incident in Race 4 of the championship. “He’s always just got to rub me up and he thinks it intimidates me.”   It has been said by other drivers in the series of Davison, that he can be ‘psych out’ and it highlights just how much a mental game V8 Supercars and motor racing in general can be.   Lee Holdsworth, Davison’s former Erebus Motorsport V8 team mate, spent the last two years trying to work things out in hisRead More

The more things change……

V8 Supercars were looking at different platforms for the Gen 2 Supercar, eventually settling on an evolution of the Car of the Future (COTF). This will see the series continue to use a standalone design rather than moving to a GT, DTM/Super GT or another internationally supported formula.   Dick Johnson’s opposition to this next step for the series was publicly aired during the Clipsal 500, where he said that this back to the future move was not the best decision for the category, “I’ve been around motorsport a longRead More

Going Longer

Symmons Plains saw the first of the 2 x 60 km races of 2015. Unsurprisingly on Saturday, Craig Lowndes response after winning both races in a canter was short, “Perfect for me.” His team mate Jamie Whincup was also happy with them, “I think balance is good. You can come out today (Saturday) and see a couple of sprint races and then the big long 80+ laps tomorrow (Sunday) so mixing it up, I think is a good thing.”   However, James Courtney did say he preferred longer races, “ItRead More

Rolling Up

The focus of 2015 in V8 supercars has certainly been affixed to the new media package, so little has been said about fans rolling up to the track in greater numbers than previous years. Cole Hitchcock, V8SC General Manager of Communications spoke to Supercar Magazine about this result, “we are very happy that our live audiences are up this year so far and we think trend will continue, so we are doing something right.”   This increases this year continues the upward swing in attendance, which began in the latterRead More

Is there a fraction too much friction

The relationship between Jamie Whincup and David Couchi may not yet be as simpatico as one might expect. Speaking exclusively to Inside Supercars in an interview that can be heard this Wednesday, Whincup was initially evasive when asked about his relationship with his chief engineer. He dodged the first question when asked how different it was this year to go to each track having worked together in 2014, “The competition is unbelievable competitive this year the FPR (Prodrive Racing Australia) guys, HRT have really stepped up their game, we’re grindingRead More