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Saturday, May 16th, 2015


The Last Club Day

Winton Motor Raceway this weekend is celebrating 30 years since it first ran an Australian Touring Car event. Perhaps the celebration should be that the track is the last of the independently Club promoted V8 Supercar Events on the Calendar. The Barbagello , Phillip Island, Queensland Raceway, Sydney Motor Sport Park events are promoted and run by V8 Supercars. The regional Victorian track has had its shares of ups and downs with the peek motor sport series in the Country, dropped from the Calendar in 1996 & 2005, it hasRead More

Managing by Press Conference

It has been said by some in the V8 SuperCar Paddock that the media is driving the sport, more particularly News Ltd, following V8SC’s decision this week to allocate teams a new set of Dunlop Control  Tyres for Friday practice for the rest of the season.  This response was hastened by drivers on Friday in Perth complaining at the press conference that their results were irrelevant due to teams unwilling to use race tyres for the long practice sessions. Some felt that due to Fox Sports commitment to show FridayRead More

The Exodus

Supercar Magazine has learnt that the Dunlop Series is at risk of losing a significant number of competitors in 2016 due to V8 Supercar’s decision to allow the New Generation Car to enter a year earlier than scheduled; this will result in mixed grids of both types of cars. Sources close to entrants are concerned that running the new generation car with the current Dunlop Series cars will see the series fragmented, provide an uneven playing field and potentially increase the cost to participate. A number of teams are alreadyRead More