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Last week, Supercar Magazine investigated the lack of regulation in Motor Sport gambling, as compared to the Racing Industry.

This week, Supercar Magazine has learnt that two V8 Supercar Drivers received a call from V8 Supercars, for what was deemed a minor breach of the Commercial Rules in relation to Gambling. The two drivers placed a wager with each other on who would be in front at the end of lap 1 in Race 9 of the championship. While this would be considered by most as a trivial incident, it has highlighted that some teams are not aware, or not adhering to the regulations.

Supercar Magazine has contacted a number of teams this week, to find out the processes they have in place to advise staff & drivers on V8 Supercars Gambling Policy and if they have an independent person or V8 Supercar representative comes to the team and explains what is and isn’t allowed to be bet on? While some teams were aware of the regulations on gambling, the answers ranged from staff inductions which explained the rules to staff to not being aware there was specific rules in place.

One team although not able to cite the regulations on gambling, did an amazing Bill Shorten impersonation when they said, that they go by the rule book and don’t need anyone to explain that to staff. The team advised that when a person joins the team, they agree to abide by the rule book.

This week’s incident, perhaps indicates that all teams need to consider their approach and attitude towards, gambling and put in place the appropriate instruction for staff and drivers.

CAMS also advised Supercar Magazine this week, that they will soon be announcing their Gambling Policy in accordance with the Commonwealth Government Sport Integrity Unit.

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