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A Healthy Landscape

From an advertiser’s perspective, such as Red Bull, Castrol or Supercheap Autos, you want people to see your product, remember and identify with it. Your goal is to have an association that ties your product to the delivery channel, in the hope that the delivery channel is something that will help your product remain front of mind when you next go to purchase a product or service.

While both Social and Traditional Media has been quick to condemn the new media deal. Repucom, has just provided V8 Supercars with the ‘State of the Nation’ for the first quarter of 2015, the results will surprise many outside of the inner sanctum.

General Interest in V8 Supercars remained consistent from 2014 with 20.2% this equals a total of 3.7 million fans. Of these 1.6 million are considered avid fans, this is a 2% increase from 2014.

When you look at the prompted and unprompted recall of V8 Supercar partners, there has been healthy increases between Q1 2015 and 2014. Prompted up 6% and unprompted up 14%.

V8 Supercars has 5 of the ten most recalled brands at a prompted level across all major Australian Sports. With Red Bull and Supercheap Auto, the most recalled brands in Australian Sport. The Championship partners have on average generated 35% greater value during Q1 in relative to 2014 Q1 with team naming rights partners gaining 9%.

V8 Supercars know that they are receiving a barrage of negative coverage in both social and traditional media, over their new media deal, however Repucom’s report does not indicate that “the sky is falling.”

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