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The Last Club Day

Winton Motor Raceway this weekend is celebrating 30 years since it first ran an Australian Touring Car event. Perhaps the celebration should be that the track is the last of the independently Club promoted V8 Supercar Events on the Calendar.

The Barbagello , Phillip Island, Queensland Raceway, Sydney Motor Sport Park events are promoted and run by V8 Supercars.

The regional Victorian track has had its shares of ups and downs with the peek motor sport series in the Country, dropped from the Calendar in 1996 & 2005, it has been the clubs determination and resilience it has now established itself as a “sacred cow”. It is the Victorian Test track. With a local team, Brad Jones Racing based at Albury it is hard to see the track removed from the calendar any time soon.

On Friday, the Benalla Auto Club announce that they would be resurfacing the entire 3km circuit to ensure the track will continue to be suitable for the top level of motor sport for many years to come.

The Winton event allows the hard core fan to enjoy a weekend of national level Motor Sport in a very traditional way, hardy fans camping track side, race track action punctuated only by 5 min breaks to remove the broken down vehicles before the roar of engines and squealing of tyres recommences, unfortunately this cannot be said of every V8 Supercar event.

While the track may have been referred to famously by Legend Dick Johnson as akin to “racing around your clothesline in the back yard”, it is family feeling of the grounds that endears itself to many race fans.

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