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DJR Team Penske (DJRTP) last weekend took some big steps towards the front of the field. The team which was shocked when their high profile driver Marcos Ambrose stepped aside to allow young driver Scott Pye to determine if the car or driver that was the reason for the team’s lack of speed at the start to the season.


Last weekend at Winton, DJRTP started to show top 10 pace, Scott Pye told Supercar Magazine, that he believe they are now on the right track, “Saturday, I felt like I made a couple mistakes in qualifying, which at Winton, qualifying is so crucial. So Saturday we were better than we could have shown, but Sunday, we got the qualifying right and I raced very aggressively and did the best I could with it and full credit to my guys that have done a fantastic job this weekend and I feel like we’ve turned the corner”


For Pye, who started the season out of the main game for the first time in two years and waiting for a co-driver call up, has now had to switch to full time mode, with a developmental mindset. Pye says that it has not been to difficult mentally to make the switch, “I can still remember when I got a phone call from Ryan Story and said I’d got a coming to that meeting I thought I was in trouble.” He believes there is nothing to lose now that he is in the car, “for me it’s a win-win situation, I wasn’t planning on being a full-time driver at this point of the season, so to be at my third round and pulling our first top-10 result and a solid one, I feel if we didn’t get stuck behind Garth it would have been a top five, A few months ago it was looking like I wouldn’t be driving at all so it’s a big thanks to Marcos, obviously he trusted me with his car, I’m just happy to be where I am at the moment and I feel pretty proud that I can keep help tuning up the car as well and get it consistently week in week out at the front.”


With Marcos’ return unknown, does the car at any point become Pye’s? “It’s always Marcos’s car. He’s been good enough to step aside let me driver it, so I’m effectively renting it.”


Pye says he is making the most of having a Driver Mentor for the first time in his career, “when you are young you have driver coaches, but Marcos has been there and done everything, so he’s a huge asset for me to have, you know he is a level headed guy as well so he can calm me down at times and he fires me up when I need to be fired up, he is fantastic with the car as well, it is like having a third engineer so as a unit I think we are tuning the car up really well.”

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